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Based on over 15 years of experience and $150,000,000 in Internet sales generated, The Fast Tracks is your most powerful resource to achieve success...

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The Fast Tracks are a suite of e-learning courses and software tools designed and proven to allow anyone around the World to succeed with their own Internet based business. Regardless of your level of experience, The Fast Tracks will provide the tools and training you need to go to whatever level of success you desire.

"This is the first online course I have EVER finished!! So proud of myself that it was your course. You so over-delivered in this training; I’ve learned an amazing amount about marketing, copywriting, Native Ads, and the advanced strategies of email lists. This course was well worth the money and makes me so excited for my financial future."


"Here's why you should do as the instructor says do... I'm at the end of week 4. Every step of the way, I have followed along, and did EXACTLY as instructed. Just out of boredom, I checked my Clickbank acct. to see what my hop count analytics were, and BAM! $549 COMMISSION! This system works guys... Trust the PROCESS."


"So much thought has gone into the details of this program! Phenomenal stuff!"


"I have to admit, before this lesson, I was thinking that this poll thing was kind of gimmicky, but now I know it’s legit!"


"Genius concept, Merlin. This one really opened my eyes to the possibilities. I'd never thought of sublists multiplying income like that. I especially like how the whole thing can be automated, based on one 'parent' list with no new cold traffic sources."


"Merlin as others have said, I think it’s worth mentioning again how great it is that you take the time to explain and demonstrate every little thing. Most product creators on the internet assume that because something is basic and easy to them it follows that everyone else will know how to do it. I’ve done some training where i’ve had to jump on to youtube to learn how to do something that should be covered in the training. You are an excellent teacher, much appreciated."